Many of the women who come to us have already taken a pregnancy test at home. They’ve seen that second red line or the plus sign, and immediately wanted some answers. “Is this test reliable?” “How far along am I?”What do I do now?”

Assure Women’s Center has done a lot of research to discover the most reliable pregnancy tests that we can find. If the test we run is positive, our professional medical staff can perform a limited obstetric ultrasound to discover exactly how far along you are and determine if the pregnancy looks viable (or if it will continue.) Up to 1/3 of all early pregnancies are lost to miscarriage, so this is important to know before making the sometimes difficult decision about which option to choose.

Since all of our services are at no charge, coming to Assure Women’s Center is a risk-free decision to make. You will leave with clear answers about your pregnancy, as well as comprehensive information about the options available. We can also provide a verification of pregnancy to use for insurance or Medicaid purposes.

If you are interested in visiting one of our beautiful facilities (one at 65th and Sorensen, a second near 144th and F) please call 402-397-0600 to set up a confidential appointment.

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