Woman On the way to Assure Women's Center

Assure Women’s Center has existed in the Omaha area for nearly 35 years. They have gained a great reputation for helping women when they find themselves facing a pregnancy and are not sure what to do.¬† Assure has helped thousands of women to find accurate facts about their pregnancy and to find the best next step for them to take.

What makes Assure so special? First of all, all their services are free. Funding is provided by people in the Omaha community that think all women should be able to have access to basic information about their pregnancy, regardless of their ability to pay.

Second, the pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are performed by experienced medical professionals. They are also able to give valuable information about the options available and answer questions about each woman’s situation. Most of the team has many years of valuable medical experience.

Thirdly, Assure has NO financial stake in any pregnancy decision that is made. Therefore, each woman is given the information they need to make the best choice for them. They will leave the office with a plan detailing the next step they will take as far as their pregnancy is concerned.

Assure Women’s Center cares about women. With two offices in Omaha they are also convenient to find. Assure is the Best First Step for anyone who thinks they might be pregnant.


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