You think you might be pregnant and you’re not sure what to do. At this point, even though emotions may be running high, it is important to get the information you need. If you are considering an abortion, there are certain steps that your medical provider should take in order to ensure that you are making a decision with your best welfare in mind.

1. STD Testing-  If you test positive for pregnancy and are thinking about abortion we can provide a free STD test to make sure you don’t have chlamydia or gonorrhea, both of which can have negative consequences if they are not treated before having an abortion procedure.

2. Determine Viability and Gestational Age– Just because you have a positive pregnancy test does not ensure that your pregnancy is viable, or will continue. One in five pregnancies end on their own before seven weeks. It is also very important to find our how far along your pregnancy is. Assure Women’s Center can provide a free ultrasound and give you documentation that verifies your pregnancy (which is necessary for both your health care provider and Medicaid.)

3. Options Information– At Assure we will give you information on all the options available. We will also send you on your way with a personalized plan with the best next step for you!

No matter what you are planning to do with your pregnancy (or even if you have no idea) it is important to have all the information to make an educated choice. Assure Women’s Center wants to provide those answers. To set up a free, confidential appointment at either of our Omaha offices, call 402-397-0600.

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