Life is full of decisions. Some of them are very difficult and some not so much. For instance, you can choose either chocolate or vanilla ice cream (or both!) without it impacting the course of your life. However, some choices have much greater impact.

During the teen years many things may crop up which will call for tough decisions. Will you attend college? Will you drink alcohol or take drugs? When will you have sex? And, if you get pregnant, what will be the outcome of your pregnancy?

Whether you know it or not, everyone has a set of values (things you consider right or wrong) that can help you to make the right choices for you. Decisions should not be based on fear or what others will think of you, but on the things you feel are most important in life. In other words, you should remain true to yourself!

Consider the following guidelines:

1. Is the choice you are making out of character for you? For instance, let’s say you are a goal driven person who wants to go to college and then have a great career. Would you  jeopardize those plans with drugs, or with sex which might lead to a  possible pregnancy? Are you thinking first about yourself and your future?

2. Does your choice agree with your core values? Do you think getting married and staying faithful to one person is what you want? Were you raised with religious beliefs? Your values are important. Again, stay true to who you are!

3. Is the choice you are making yours or someone else’s? Is someone pressuring you to take drugs or get drunk at a party? Is there a guy telling you that if you don’t have sex he will leave you? Ask yourself: does a real friend press you to do things that go against what is best for you?

You are a person of value. If you don’t protect the things that are important to you, no one will! Please, stay true to who you are!


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