Lots of people ask us, “how soon can I take a pregnancy test?” Some have had unprotected sex the week (or even just a few days) before and are nervous. As hard as it can be to wait, it takes a little time before the results of a pregnancy test will be accurate.

Let me explain how urine pregnancy tests work. As soon as conception occurs, the newly developed embryo will begin to secrete an enzyme called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin.) Once it becomes implanted in the uterine wall (approx. 10 days after conception) it will begin to put out the enzyme in greater amounts, with some ending up in the expectant mother’s urine.

We recommend that you wait until you have missed your period before you come in for a test. This is the most reliable sign of pregnancy. Other symptoms can really begin to play mind games with you (are my breasts really more sore? is my stomach queasy because I’m pregnant or because of last night’s pizza?) Plus, since ovulation can vary greatly for each woman and each pregnancy, waiting until after missing a period assures that you have usually waited long enough for the test to be accurate.

(Here is a tip: if you take a home test, please throw it away after the recommended time on the package. Many women have panicked upon going back in the bathroom hours later and finding a positive test where there had previously been a negative one. In most cases, this is a false positive reading.  Be kind to yourself and throw it away once you’ve seen your result.)

At Assure, we buy some of the most reliable pregnancy tests on the market. Our medical team would be happy to run a free test for you, followed by an ultrasound if your test is positive. In one visit you can discover two crucial things you need to know: if you truly are pregnant and how far along you are. To make a confidential appointment at either of our Omaha offices, please call our Helpline at 402-397-0600.

If you think you might be pregnant, Assure is your best first step! 



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