You need a pregnancy test. And an ultrasound sounds like a good idea as well. Plus, you need to confirm your pregnancy before signing up for Medicaid. However, you don’t have any insurance. What should you do?

Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests are usually not a problem. You can pick one up at almost any grocery store for just a few dollars. However, the earlier you want answers, the more expensive they become. You also need to be careful that you follow the directions accurately or you could get a false reading.


Ultrasounds are another story. At best, you would probably pay several hundred dollars. If you are early in your pregnancy, you might be able to negotiate a price that is lower, but they are still quite expensive.

No Cost at Assure

The good news is that Assure Women’s Center will provide both an early, accurate pregnancy test, plus an obstetric ultrasound at no cost.* Plus, you get to visit with a nurse and ask her your pregnancy questions. Assure can also provide a verification of pregnancy which can be used in obtaining Medicaid.

What enables them to do this? It is largely because of the generosity of people in the Omaha community who care about women finding the answers they need. The costs of a pregnancy can seem overwhelming and there are people who care about women finding accurate information so they can begin their pregnancy on a good foundation.

If you think you might be pregnant, or know of someone in that situation, please give Assure Women’s Center a call. The people on the helpline can set up a confidential appointment at either one of our Omaha offices or our location in Council Bluffs. Just call 402-397-0600.

If you think you might be pregnant, Assure is your Best First Step!

*The ultrasounds performed at Assure are intended to diagnose viability (determining whether or not the pregnancy seems like it will continue) and how far along the pregnancy is. They are not intended to diagnose problems with the pregnancy or to determine the sex of the baby.


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