What should you do if you’ve been drinking or taking drugs and then find out you are pregnant? If you stop right away, it can minimize the risk of damage to the developing baby. However, is it possible that harm has already been done?

Some studies state that a little alcohol early in the pregnancy will not do much harm. However, if you are pregnant it is best to stay away from it all together. Babies born to mothers who drink heavily can develop fetal alcohol syndrome, which can affect them the rest of their lives. The same is true for those who have been exposed to drugs. Both substances can cross over through the placenta from the mother to the baby.

So, what if you did do either in the early stages? First of all, don’t panic. Stop using drugs or alcohol immediately, and call your doctor. Be honest with him or her about exactly how much you have consumed. This will help them assist you in accessing the risk. Chances are the amount received is minimal and will not do any damage.

These are serious issues, not only for pregnancy, but for life in general. Please be careful and think about your future!

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