Teenager Visitor

You are sixteen and you think you might be pregnant. You want to call Assure Women’s Center to find out for sure. However, you don’t want your mother to find out. What should you do?

Actually, the law states that young women are considered as adults as far as getting help with reproductive matters. That includes pregnancy tests. Not only can you come alone for our services, but it is against HIPAA regulations for anyone to tell your parents without your consent.

No matter how old you are, pregnancy is a big area to tackle all by yourself. Therefore, it might be a good idea to include a parent or grandparent (or even an aunt or other trusted friend or relative) in what is going on. However, at Assure you can get a pregnancy test and an ultrasound even if you come by yourself. You can receive all of our services at no charge.

At Assure, we have two locations in Omaha to serve you. To schedule an appointment, just call our helpline at 402-397-0600. If you think you might be pregnant, we are your Best First Step!


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